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Having trouble promoting your new crypto idea or project? No fuss, you are in the right place. We help crypto businesses grow by devising an effective digital marketing strategy. The crypto industry is growing at a fast pace. Every day we hear something new making noise in the crypto arena. This has given rise to competition in the crypto industry and standing apart from the crowd in the crypto world is no less than climbing Mount Everest. However, with an effective digital marketing strategy, your blockchain or crypto project can do wonders for you.

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Whether you are still learning about crypto or an expert looking for ways to promote your crypto project, we are the right people you can work with to stand out in the crowd. Our online marketing experts will help drive more traffic to your blockchain project.

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Helping others succeed is what drives us, and we are proud to have served hundreds of blockchain and crypto companies and brokers over the last couple of years. At Forex Crypto Marketing, our experts combine their expertise of online marketing for blockchain and the Forex industry with their comprehensive knowledge to help you get more attention in the online world. 

We understand that competition in the crypto and forex industry is relentless and aggressive, and we know exactly how to devise effective marketing strategies for Forex and blockchain projects. We have a highly talented team of crypto experts and SEO specialists who will work closely with you, providing you with an effective marketing strategy so your crypto or Forex project ranks higher in SERPs. We are committed to offering online growth for cryptocurrency ICO’s and digital currency brands.

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Blockchain is one of the top trending topics that are currently in focus. The investment opportunities in cryptocurrency, blockchain projects and other related technologies are increasing day-by-day. It’s not just the companies who are looking for multiple marketing strategies to reach out to their target audience, even the public is looking forward to learning more about the blockchain technology. A marketing agency that has proficient blockchain professionals can help you meet your marketing objectives in an effective way. If you are looking for the best multi-channel marketing company to help your crypto startup, Forex & Crypto Marketing is an excellent choice.

Marketing is the lifeblood of all crypto projects. It’s essential to understand your target audience and create awareness for your product. There’s no point in launching a cryptocurrency, if there’s nobody to use it. To get new users on board, you need to reach out to communities outside of the crypto space and tell them about your project.

Marketing experts know how to do this. They employ all sorts of techniques for promoting a project, and they can help you become known. Here’s what an expert agency can do for your crypto project:

1) Create a marketing plan

Marketing is all about strategy. If you don’t have a good plan for promoting your product, there’s no point in even trying. The team behind your project should have already taken the time to come up with a marketing plan for their blockchain or token offering. If not, they should. A good agency will have the expertise to do this for you. They’ll be able to draw up a marketing plan tailored to your project.

2) Build a community of loyal users

The best way to build awareness for your project is to have an engaged group of supporters who believe in your product. These are the people who will tell others about it, post about it on social media, and spread the word to their friends and family. An agency will be able to take your cryptocurrency project from an unknown entity to a household name in no time at all.

3) Create brand awareness for your project

A good marketing campaign will take advantage of various platforms to communicate with potential users. It will focus on social media, but it should also include offline marketing campaigns. On top of this, a good agency will take care of the big picture. They’ll pay attention to the overall strategy of your campaign, and make sure that everything ties together nicely.

4) Manage PR for your company

Public relations is not just about giving out information. It’s also about shaping the media perception of your company. A good agency will have the knowledge, contacts, and skills to manage your press coverage. They’ll do this by using all sorts of tactics, including media relations, media outreach, and media management.

There really is no limit to the services a marketing agency will provide. Most of all, they will help you grow your brand and garner more community members. Other services might include building a website for your crypto project, developing a strategy to optimize your social media presence, or even helping you with product development.

Launching an ICO can be a very lengthy process. To create your own token and launch your ICO you will need to follow a detailed process. The time for each stage depends on factors including but not limited to whether you have already built the product or service that your token will represent, if you are making changes to the product or service, your blockchain expertise etc. Once you have done all of this it is time to launch your ICO.

Digital marketing is the practice of using digital channels to promote a product or service. Social media marketing, in turn, involves promoting your brand, products or services through social networks.

Both digital marketing and social media marketing have a unique role in the promotion of companies’ products and services. Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all advertising that takes place online, whereas social media marketing specifically involves promoting your product or service through social media channels.

I often get asked by business owners what is the difference between a marketing agency and public relations firm. The answer to that question can be complicated, but in general they are very different services.

A marketing agency’s primary objective is to drive sales in their client’s businesses through advertising and product promotion. Their goal is typically to create awareness and generate new customers. In contrast, a public relations firm’s primary objective is to create awareness for their client’s brand or business through media coverage and editorial placements. Their goal is typically to influence opinion leaders and elevate brands above their competition.

Now if we break it down further, a marketing agency will have a team of specialists that provide different services that will contribute to an end goal of driving sales. Some of the specialists might be graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers and search engine optimization consultants. A public relations firm may also provide several different types of services but they typically don’t have core specialists like a marketing agency does. Instead they hire writers, journalists, editors and producers to help them build relationships with media contacts to gain coverage for their clients.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is commencing a contract with an inexperienced agency or one without a clear understanding of your industry. If your marketing team does not have adequate experience in the specific area in which you require help, they may not be able to provide the services you want – and, even worse, they may lack the skills to notice when their product is faulty.

Marketing agencies pop up everywhere these days – each claiming a specialization in a different field. Keep in mind that marketing has become so diverse that there is no way for an agency to have extensive knowledge about every aspect of marketing. At Forex & Crypto Marketing, we have multiple teams reporting to one another, each with a specialized expertise in their respective field.